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The emergency of blockchain technology makes decentralized management and help possible. The decentralization of blockchain can be expected. Based on 3.0 blockchain technology, Pandora Community has independently developed a new public chain – RL chain, on which a new public welfare payment system – RL community can be expected to establish. Based on RL community, people can help the weak and realize free and anonymous real-time transaction (the transaction will generate commission which is use…

Block chain 3.0 is the kernel of the value Internet. Block chains can identify, measure and store the information and bytes that represent value in each Internet, so that the assets can be tracked, controlled and traded on the block chain.

Ripple is an open source and distributed payment protocol. It makes payments between businesses and customers and developers almost free, immediate and not dishonoured, and it supports any currency - including the dollar, yen, euro, and even bitcoin

What Is The Advantage Of RL?

It is easier and easier to use block chain technology to build a free and open digital asset circulation network.

Technical Team

CEO—David Albertelli

In Silicon Valley many chip enterprises, diversified group as R & D vice president, operation president, responsible for the research and development of the industrial Internet of things platform, algorithm …

SCC—Nick Bambos

Professor of Stanford University, block chain and big data domain authority, leaders engaged in its network architecture Laboratory (NetLab) project research, including wireless network architecture, Internet in…

CTO—Peter Bailis

Assistant professor of computer science, Stanford University. The research of Peter focuses on the design and implementation of the next generation data intensive database system, including large-scale data mana…

Founder-Hugo Warren

Continuous entrepreneur and angel investor;The founder of the largest Ukrainian student community – ScZoo, the turnover of which reaches 16 million US dollars;Leader of 70 employees, a self-made man;Bachelor …

Application Scene

We mainly provide public Welfare,overseas property buyers, social media, gaming and entertainment services.

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