Should Be The Scene

Should Be The Scheme

    In order to make donation more transparent and traceable, public welfare organization will benefit greatly from blockchain technology. Although the transparency of encrypted currency and its possible advantages are clear, most traditional non-profit organizations still do not want to adopt the new blockchain technology because they only focus on their core business: to help people who receive the donations of the public welfare organizations. However, if they realize that this new technology do no need their investment to IT development, public welfare organizations will see the great benefits brought by this technology.

    There are various benefits for public welfare organizations to use distributed ledger technology. Donators can trust them more and thus are more willing to make donation.

    In order to promote the transparency and traceability of public welfare organizations, we introduce an encrypted coin, RL coin which aims to enable transparent donation through RL community which is based on Blockchain 3.0 and through visiting the platform. The use of encrypted currency is going to influence our future ways of donation. RL coin will play a leading role in this new fund-raising era.