Cryptocurrency investors: government regulation is a good thing, hoping to catch the swindlers

Regulation of crypto-currencies is a good thing, which could help to fuel the development of crypto-currency markets, Ran neu-ner, an crypto-currency trader, said in an interview with CNBC on Thursday.

"When regulators introduce regulations, they also open the floodgates to new Money flooding into the encrypted Money market," concluded the moderator on CNBC's Fast Money. But Mr Neu-ner is optimistic that the market for crypto-currencies will experience some turbulence in the process.

"I hope the authorities can catch the fraudsters who are engaged in cryptocurrency fraud because we have to weed out the bad actors." Neu-ner himself was not only the founder of an investment fund for the blockchain project, but also an early investor in bitcoin.

"If let the cheater be popular in the market, people will lack of trust in such assets. If we want to encrypt money become a real asset, let real investors on their investment, just to clear out those bad elements. The first step is to first legislation, then the monitor, we can more clearly the rules of the game."

The US department of justice launched an investigation this week into whether traders in encrypted currencies manipulated the prices of bitcoin and other encrypted currencies. Clearly, this is a sign of increasing government oversight of encrypted money markets.

Earlier this month, the U.S. securities and exchange commission (SEC) issued a virtual web site,, the site's purpose is to teach investors to identify those typical ICO fraud case. North American securities administrators association also held encrypted currency in May this year big sweeps (Operation Crypto - Sweep), for more than seventy suspected encryption monetary shady and fraud investigation and marketing activities.

BKCM investment company CEO Brian Kelly (Brian Kelly) said in an interview with CNBC on Thursday, the U.S. justice department investigation is not necessarily a bad thing, "they can encryption of monetary market to make a little clear."

Neu-ner says it is easy to take advantage of ignorance in an industry with a small market, a small number of participants and a lack of regulation and misunderstanding. But he said now is not the case, regulation can make the situation better, fraud operation under the regulation of "ubiquitous" gaze will become more difficult, "everyone is worried about exactly what people watching her."

Kelly also agree with this view, he also points out that the clear regulatory guidelines and "make sure there is no manipulation" in the market, is one of the SEC for exchange fund regulatory requirements, "this is encrypted another big step towards maturity in the currency markets."

Neu-ner has previously warned investors and regulators about cryptocurrency, stressing the need for regulatory rules for ICO. Without these constraints, he said, the us could be "behind" other countries in blockchain innovation and technology use