Personal User Function


Once registered and authenticated, public welfare organizations and institutions will be able to share information such as general information, official address, donations received, use of funds and update of project status with donators through public files. RL chain can also provide a private app to manage all the information and actions, browse donations received and transactions, upload receipts outside the platform, manage personal information and establish links with other users.

    Donators can register anonymously or choose appropriate private setting, and register with different levels of personal information. They can use private app to manage personal data, browse information relevant to charity and donation, and request to obtain receipts so as to reduce tax.

    Donators can exchange major encrypted currency such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin for RL coin so as to add more encrypted currencies and fiat money in the future.

    Technical team is still developing payment portal /plugin RLPay which will enable public welfare organizations to register on the platform so as to receive donations in the forms of different encrypted currencies directly on their websites and then to immediately exchange these donations for RL coin. Public welfare organizations can easily manage donations within the same wallet while provides transparency and traceability through RL coin.

  1. Basic Payment

  2. Information Encryption

  3. PtP Market transactions

  4. Public Support

  5. RL-coin Wallet

  6. Sponsor

  7. Incognito Mode

  8. Users'privacy