Organizational Function

  1. Donators send RL coins to the POOL

  2. POOL proposes “mining” feature in the GIFT Creator contract so as to mine GIFT equivalent to x AidCoin (POOL will always guarantee the equivalence and convertibility of GIFT)

  3. GIFT Creator contract sends GIFT to donators

  4. Donators can send GIFT directly to charitable organizations, institutions and project. Through GIFT, donators can conduct fully accurate tracking of their donations on the blockchain by reliable ways.

  5. Charitable organizations can send GOFT to institutions, project or POOL so as to get back the RL coins. In this way, donators can trace the donation process. 

  6. Institutions and projects can exchange GIFT for RL coins or fiat money through POOL

  7. POOL uses its reserve (RL coin) to implement currency policies designed to stabilize the value of RL coin and guarantee the exchange rate between GIFT and RL coin